PreviewYaml 1.1.4


PreviewYaml for Mac Free Download Full Version 1.1.4 with Direct Links. PreviewYaml provides QuickLook file previews and file icon thumbnails for documents created using the popular YAML structured data format.

PreviewYaml for Mac Overview

The app provides two app extensions: Yaml Previewer and Yaml Thumbnailer, which can be viewed and managed in macOS’ System Preferences > Extensions > QuickLook. The app itself is simply a container for these extensions, and can be used to set preview preferences.

You must run the app first to gain these benefits.

PreviewYaml currently expects files to be encoded in UTF-8.

Certain YAML features, such as custom tags, are not as yet supported by PreviewYAML.

Known issue: a YAML file containing .nan, .inf and/or .-inf values will prevent PreviewYAML from rendering the file. This issue is under investigation.

Compatibility: macOS 10.15 or later

File Size: 3 MB

PreviewYaml for Mac Download Links:

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