Planner 5D Premium 4.11

Planner 5D Premium

Planner 5D Premium for Mac Free Download Full Version 4.11 with Direct Links. Planner 5D is a home design software for Mac and other platforms that allows users to create detailed 2D and 3D floor plans and interior designs. With Planner 5D, users can choose from a variety of furniture, fixtures, and finishes to decorate their virtual rooms, and view the results in real-time 3D.

Planner 5D Premium for Mac Overview

The Premium version of Planner 5D offers additional features and functionalities, such as the ability to import floor plans, advanced camera controls, and a larger library of objects. This software is targeted at individuals, interior designers, and home renovation professionals who want to create high-quality visualizations of their design projects.


  • Drag and drop design in both 2D & 3D modes
  • User-friendly features that do not require special skills
  • Create a completely unique home – from the floorplan to the finishing details
  • Browse the regularly updated 3000+ item catalog complete with furniture, appliances, decor, household items, landscape features and more
  • Create exceptionally detailed and personalized design in both the interior and exterior of your project
  • “Snapshot” function to create photo-realistic images of your projects with realistic lighting, textures, and shadows
  • Sign in with Google+ or Facebook to work on your projects on any platform, including your laptop or other mobile device
  • Switch between Metric and Imperial systems of measurement
  • Save and share your projects with friends, family and home professionals
  • Work on downloaded projects offline
  • Completely Ad-free
  • Multi-language

Compatibility: macOS 10.15 or later

File Size: 280 MB

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