Paste Queue 1.5.0

Paste Queue

Paste Queue for Mac Free Download Full Version 1.5.0 with Direct Links. Paste Queue is a clipboard manager app for Mac OS X that allows you to save and organize multiple items copied to your clipboard. It allows you to keep a history of everything you’ve copied, so you can easily access and paste any of your previous items.

Paste Queue for Mac Overview

The app sits in your menu bar and has a customizable keyboard shortcut that allows you to access it quickly. Once opened, you can see a list of all the items you’ve copied, with a preview of the content of each item.

In addition to storing text, Paste Queue also allows you to store images, links, and even file paths. You can organize your items into custom categories, making it easy to find the item you need.

One of the key features of Paste Queue is the ability to create custom paste templates. This allows you to quickly paste your copied content into a specific format, such as plain text or HTML. You can also create custom templates for specific apps, so you can paste your content into the correct format for that app.

Overall, Paste Queue is a useful app for anyone who frequently copies and pastes text or other content on their Mac. It makes it easy to keep a history of your copied items and organize them for quick access when you need them.


  • Supports text, HTML, code, images, files, hyperlinks, PDFs, and app-proprietary data
  • Works across different apps and windows
  • Can hold unlimited number of items before pasting them
  • Customizable keyboard shortcut for copying items into the queue
  • Can use regular copy commands to copy items into the queue (when the app window is open)
  • Option to not record duplicated items into the queue
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts for pasting items one by one, in first-in-first-out (sequential) or last-in-first-out order
  • Can paste items in any order by clicking them
  • Can drag and drop items to destinations
  • Can reorder items before pasting them
  • Customizable keyboard shortcut for pasting all items at once
  • Can insert text that separates multiple items pasted together
  • Can paste multiple items into consecutive fields/cells in a form/spreadsheet in one shot
  • Can paste rich text as plain text
  • Optional copy and paste sound effects
  • Quick access to the queue via the app’s menu-bar icon
  • Can open the app window with a keyboard shortcut
  • Can delete all copied items or selected ones

Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later,

File Size: 8.67 MB

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