Paletro 1.7.0

Paletro for Mac Free Download Full Version 1.7.0. It is an easy-to-use search command utility for Macs.

Paletro for Mac Overview

By pressing ⇧⌘P, you have access to all of the functionality of the currently focused app, including keyboard shortcuts for the most common operations.


  • Fuzzy search or filter operations in the command palette without taking your hands off the keyboard.
  • Shortcuts: Like a built-in component, display and support original shortcut keys from the current application.
  • I18n-Able to search for English words or alphabets in non-English locales in (some) applications.
  • Customization: customize rules on how Paletro should behave, exclude certain menu items, or disable specific applications.
  • Themes: You can choose from multiple themes, and you can also create your styles


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • MacOS X 10.14 or later

File Size: 14.47 MB

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