OmniFocus Pro 3.14.4

OmniFocus Pro

OmniFocus Pro for Mac Free Download Full Version 3.14.4 with Direct Links. OmniFocus Pro for Mac is a productivity app that helps users organize and prioritize their tasks and projects. It provides a flexible and customizable interface for keeping track of to-dos, deadlines, and appointments, and features such as context-aware filtering, repeating tasks, and alerts to keep users on track.

OmniFocus Pro for Mac Overview

The Pro version of OmniFocus includes advanced features such as Perspectives, custom perspectives, and location-based notifications. It is designed to help individuals, teams, and businesses increase their productivity and stay focused on their most important work. OmniFocus Pro integrates with other productivity tools and services, making it a powerful tool for managing personal and professional tasks.


  • Custom perspectives help you create new ways to see your data by filtering and grouping projects and tags. NEW: The filtering rules are simpler to use while being more powerful than ever, letting you combine rules with all, any, and none. You can also choose any image to use as your custom perspective’s icon and a custom tint color to go with it
  • NEW: Today’s Forecast can include items with a specific tag, and you can reorder those tasks however you choose so that you can plan your day better
  • The customizable sidebar lets you organize your perspectives the way you want to for super-fast access
  • The Today Widget shows a perspective of your choice in the Notification Center
  • AppleScript support opens up a world of automation, using Apple’s Mac scripting language

Compatibility: macOS 10.14 or later

File Size: 70 MB

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