Lungo 2.2.0


Lungo for Mac Free Download Full Version 2.2.0. It prevents your computer from falling asleep and your screen from dimming.

Lungo for Mac Overview

It can be helpful

  • Doing a presentation at work.
  • Watching YouTube videos in non-fullscreen mode.
  • Cooking and having the recipe open on your computer.
  • Reading a long article without scrolling.
  • Using the screen to view live stats.
  • Monitoring progress on a long-running task.


  • Right-click the menu bar icon to activate it quickly.
  • Choose to activate with a left-click instead in the Preferences.
  • Choose to activate it at launch in the preferences.
  • Allow the display to sleep in the preferences.
  • Set the default duration in the preferences, which is used when Lungo is activated by clicking the menu bar icon.
  • Custom keyboard shortcut to activate/deactivate Lungo.
  • It will automatically deactivate when disconnecting the power adapter (opt-in).
  • Shortcuts support.
  • Control Lungo from scripts or the terminal. (See the website for more info)

Compatibility: macOS 10.15 or later

File Size: 7.21 MB

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