JixiPix Photo Formation Pro 1.0.17

JixiPix Photo Formation Pro

JixiPix Photo Formation Pro for Mac Free Download Full Version 1.0.17 with Direct Links. It auto-transforms images into super creative paper formations.

JixiPix Photo Formation Pro for Mac Overview

This photo affects auto-transforms images into super creative paper formations and then uses a 3D light engine to cast ultra-cool shadows. Use it to fragment, join, weave, slice, and fold photos into fascinating eye-catching pieces, with all the subtle creases, curls, and bends as if painstakingly assembled by hand.

It comes with a library of one-touch presets to get you started fast and a randomized button that automatically renders a variety of paper creations over and over until you get something catered to you. Moving, rotating, and scaling tools can then be used to customize each composition—the sky is the limit to what can be done.


  • Support for high-resolution images and output
  • Multiple undo
  • Randomize button
  • Quick previewing
  • Customizable settings
  • Photo Weave renders one or multiple photos into a basket weave
  • Pantographic turns a photo into a patchwork art of multiple photos
  • Photo Slice uses a line tool to slice or rip photos
  • Photo Strips auto-slices a photo into strips and conforms them into shapes
  • Fold Defy auto-folds a photo with 3D perspective to give it lift
  • Rip uses a lasso tool to tear the corners of an image and rip holes anywhere on your photo
  • Crease uses a line tool to draw creases on photos with lots of depth
  • Crumple auto-scrunches your photo

Compatibility: macOS 10.9 or later

File Size: 133.15 MB

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