Folder Tidy 2.9

Folder Tidy

Folder Tidy for Mac Free Download Full Version 2.9 with Direct Links. Folder Tidy is a file organization application designed for Mac computers. It allows users to easily tidy up their messy folders by sorting files into specific folders based on rules that the user can define. The app is developed by a company called Light Pillar and is available for purchase on the Mac App Store.

Folder Tidy for Mac Overview

With Folder Tidy, users can create rules based on file type, date modified, and more, to automatically move files to designated folders. For example, a user can create a rule that moves all PDF files that are modified within the last 7 days to a folder named “Recent PDFs”. The app also allows users to preview the changes before applying the rules, so they can make sure everything is in order before committing to the organization.

In addition to organizing files, Folder Tidy also offers features such as the ability to merge folders, remove duplicate files, and delete empty folders. This can save users time and effort in keeping their files organized and their storage space optimized.

Overall, Folder Tidy is a handy tool for Mac users who want to keep their files organized and easily accessible. Its intuitive interface and customizable rules make file organization a breeze, and its additional features make it a comprehensive solution for managing files on a Mac.


  • Organize your files into subfolders based on the file type and/or rules.
  • Use one of the many built-in rules, or create powerful ones based on predicates.
  • Choose what types of files to clean up.
  • Choose files and folders to ignore during a clean up.
  • Choose where to put the cleaned up files and folders.
  • Options to ignore aliases, folders and anything with a label.
  • Ability to undo the clean up.
  • Over 600 five star ratings internationally.

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit

File Size: 10 MB

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