DropSync 3.2.5


DropSync for Mac Free Download Full Version 3.2.5 with Direct Links. It is a folder updater for web developers.

DropSync for Mac Overview

It is a folder updater for web developers, photo professionals, scientists, or anyone needing a fast, automated, and highly customizable way to repeatedly copy files from one place to another. Works with removable hard drives, between computers on a local network, and between your mac and a remote server over SSH. Set up a pair of folders and easily browse both sides, even if one folder is on a remote server (via FTP).

Then select items for include/exclude and click to perform an update in the desired direction. Previews show you exactly what will be changed, and once you’re satisfied that things are working, you can set up DropSync to automatically watch a source folder and update in the background.

Under the hood, DropSync uses the excellent rsync tool to perform its changes. This means that it’s about as fast and memory efficient as a syncing engine can get, and we’ve worked hard to ensure that DropSync will stay responsive even when massive syncs are happening in the background.


  • Easily include/exclude subfolders using the built-in browser
  • Automated (one-way) syncing when a file changes in the source folder
  • Status bar-only mode lets you monitor and initiate syncs without opening the main app
  • Detailed searchable previews
  • An SFTP-based browser that lets you see and select folders on remote computers
  • Custom filters let you include or exclude files based on patterns in filenames
  • Browsable history of syncing activity, including detailed logs of every change
  • Only transfers the parts of files that have changed for maximum speed over a network
  • AppleScript support lets you create custom syncing workflows
  • Almost complete support for custom rsync options

Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later

File Size: 11.03 MB

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