cmd c 1.4.2

cmd c

cmd c for Mac Free Download Full Version 1.4.2. It is a clipboard manager that programmers created focused on memory usage.

cmd c for Mac Overview

CMD C is a clipboard manager for programmers that programmers created focusing on a clean interface, ease of use, and low CPU and memory usage.


  1. hit ‘alt+v’ to show the clipboards history
  2. chose the item you want from the list by selecting it with the mouse or with arrow keys
  3. pasting is done automatically to active app (if you install the applescript from if not, the items are only copied to clipboard and you must paste it manually with cmd+v.


  • Retains the copied text’s original formatting.
  • Links are saved in their folders.
    By clicking the link icon, you can open them in your browser.
  • Includes a protected section by a pin
  • Generate secure passwords.
  • Keeps the window in memory for a limited time. If used frequently, you’ll notice a performance improvement.
  • History for up to 30 days but not less than 50 items
  • Snippets and protected items remain till you decide to delete them manually.
  • ICloud sync for snippets, URLs, mobile, and protected items across all devices.
  • IOS client


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • MacOS X 10.12 or later

File Size: 8 MB

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