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Cinema Grade Pro

Cinema Grade Pro for Mac Free Download

Cinema Grade Pro built from the ground up that runs as a plugin inside of Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro X on the Mac. With Cinema Grade color grading at once becomes easier and faster by enabling direct on screen color grading, professionally guided colorist’s workflow and over 90 built-in Hollywood style color looks with real time preview of your favorite LUTs.


Cinema Grade, a color grading plug-in for Final Cut Pro X, Da Vinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere Pro C (but only for MacOS), promises a completely new (and above all simpler and faster) operating concept. Actually it is more of a standalone program, because when activated the preview takes over the whole screen and thus the special operating concept of Cinema Grade takes over the respective grading workflow.

Workflow and operation are different from other color grading tools with their standard Color Wheels and Curves: there are a lot of menus/functions that can be called from the edges, but every action takes place against the background of the permanent full screen preview. And instead of tweaking parameters or clicking the color wheel, the look of the image is changed interactively with the mouse.

At the top edge, basic parameters such as contrast, color temperature or saturation are selected – the value is then adjusted interactively (including real-time full-screen preview) by up/down mouse movement. An interesting feature is the possibility to adjust only individual image elements such as shadows, mid-tones, highlights or individual colors. A click in the image creates a control point for these parameters and a click there and mouse movement selectively changes the respective parameter.

Further menus above offer special functions for “Shot Matching” and the exact “Final Grading”. At the bottom, you can select which clip you want to edit and navigate within the clip – alternatively and intuitively with the arrow keys, as most other functions can be called up quickly with a key.

A set of Videos on the Cinema Grade website nicely shows how special grading steps such as white balancing, color saturation adjustment or shot matching are performed in Cinema Grade. Cinema Grade also offers 60 ready-made “Hollywood-Looks” as well as support for LUTs including Real-time preview explained in the glossary and a Look-Transfer Tool to emulate the color palette of a photo.

Denver Riddle and his team have already programmed Grading Tool Color Finale for FCPX (whose functionality Apple virtually took over with FCPX 10.4) and operate the Grading Portal Color Grading Central. The programs Final Cut Pro X 10.4 and Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 are fully supported by Cinema Grade. Due to the tight integration with the Project Timeline Glossary Explained via the Glossary Explained plug-in plug-in, all color changes are dynamically updated in the Glossary Explained Timeline Timeline. In DaVinci Resolve 15, however, only the “Final Grading” functions are supported via OFX plug-in.

Cinema Grade currently costs 149$ – but there is also a trial version with all features (and a watermark after 7 days of use) where everyone can try out for himself if the new way of grading via Cinema Grade is the better way. The competition is strong with the powerful and free grading (and editing, compositing and audio) program DaVinci Resolve.

There is already an informal petition under professional graders on Facebook to convince Denver Riddle to port Cinema Grade to Windows, but the tool would have to be reprogrammed for that. So a Windows Version would take even longer – if it is realized.

What’s New in Version 1.1.3 (486)

  • Bug Fixes


  • Apple Mac 2011+
  • macOS High Sierra 10.13.x and later
  • OpenCL 1.2
  • DaVinci Resolve 15 (NO SUPPORT for Mac App Store version)
  • Final Cut Pro X 10.4.x and later
  • Adobe Premiere Pro 12.1.x and later

File Size: 18 MB

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